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Maskedjocks Po Male Escort
Maskedjocks Po
Maskedjocks Po - Male escort

I am big, affectionate, discreet and kinky. Lover of thongs and jockstraps. I fulfill all your fantasies and morbidities, so that it is a great experience and not just another bed. 😈

I am located in Lisboa, zone Resquelo, Portugal
Today I am available Full Time

Masculine, kinky and big ass (if required I can be affectionate). I adore flannel, kissing nipples, tails. I am a lover of oral sex. My idea is that each situation is unique, which is why I give my best in each encounter. I perform a service that goes beyond a bed, I give you an experience. 😈 IMPORTANT: For the video call service, before calling, please write to me on WhatsApp. I am not always available. These things coordinate! 🙏

Dominache Po Male Escort
Dominache Po
Dominache Po - Male escort

I arrived to perform all your morbidities. I also cuddle. Know me...

I am located in Lisboa, zone Resquelo, Portugal
Today I am available Full Time

I make a service adaptable to your fantasies and morbidities. As well I also give conventional sex where kisses, hugs and blowjobs will always be there for you to choose me again. Good penis, tail and the best kisses you find here. Send me a WhatsApp and make all your fantasies come true.

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