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Male escort in Capital Federal zone Palermo - Argentina

1.82 mts.
8.3 inches x 2.0 inches
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Joris's content

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Information about Joris

Information about Joris

1.82 mts.
Hair color
Dark brown
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8.3 inches x 2.0 inches
I make a VIP service and unique experiences.
I have several experiences for us to share together or we can customize it to fulfill your fantasy. We can change the duration, where you want to go or what you want to do. There are no wrong answers, anything goes. From simply spending time together talking over a glass of wine, to the craziest, most unusual or deepest fantasy you may have. No one is judged here, this is a space of pleasure.
I'll pick you up from your hotel in the morning (8AM) to share breakfast wherever you like. Then we visit tourist spots in the city where we will talk and I will tell you interesting facts about them. At noon I can suggest good places for us to have lunch according to your preferences. We continue the tour of the city and then have dinner and visit a bar where we can have a drink and dance if you enjoy it. We close the day at my house or your hotel for a couple of hours (2AM)

We can have dinner at home or go out to a place you like where I can offer you a cultured and articulate conversation. Share a drink and chat about your expectations for that same night, where we will then spend the night together. In the morning we will share breakfast.

I welcome you at home for an hour where we can spend time together doing whatever you like.

This is an hourly experience, where I offer you my services as an actor to accompany you wherever you want, events, weddings, meetings, conferences. Where, if you wish, you can introduce me as your boyfriend while I offer a coherent interaction and conversation appropriate to the situation in which we find ourselves. Also my treatment towards you will be affectionate like that of a boyfriend and with public demonstrations of affection that make you feel comfortable.
Keep in mind that this experience can also be personal and not in a social event, for example spending an afternoon together as a couple.
Also remember that the experience does not include intimate time, but if you want you can combine it with other experiences. For example THE BOYFRIEND EXPERIENCE and A GOOD TIME.

I receive you in my recording studio with the set prepared, cameras, lights, atmosphere. The cameraman is optional, you can choose to have one or use a fixed camera.
For the next two hours you are the director and the star, you tell me what you would like in your movie and I am in charge of making it happen. You can appear on camera with me or not, you can wear a mask or some of my costumes, the important thing is that you feel comfortable and have fun.
Once we finish the recording, I give you the raw videos and delete them from the camera in front of you.
I also accept couples
If you want, I can optionally edit the video so that you have an optimal memory of our time together
Also if you wish I can publish the video on my networks.

We meet at my house or in your space, having already discussed what you are looking for and enjoy. The experience begins from minute one where I will take a dominant attitude. If it is the first time we meet, we will have a brief conversation about safety and limits. Then we will surrender to the pleasure of the experience for two hours where I will put you in your place as a slave and make you enjoy it as you know you like.

Do you have one of those parties in your room? or maybe a bachelor party?
Make it unforgettable. Call me to warm things up, put everything into action and share everything I know how to do very well with you and your friends.
The cost will depend on the time and the number of guests. Consult me and let's have the party of your life.
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Capital Federal, zone Palermo, Argentina

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